Who Can Use Ladder Lift

In order to operate the platform safely and efficiently, the operators must be experienced, very careful, agile, alert, and also know and obey the standard safety rules.

Generally, the people listed below should not be allowed to use the platform.

- Those who cannot easily read and understand written and verbal instructions, do not have education and skills.

- Those who do not exceed the legal working age limit for high risk jobs, those who do not exceed the legal 18 age limit determined for this type of work.

Those who do not know the standard and the organization's self-safety rules.

- Those with hearing, sight or speech impairments.

Those with heart disease and especially those with diseases that prevent them from using the platform safely.

Operators who have not read, studied and correctly understood the operating and maintenance manuals of the relevant platform. operators without proper theoretical training to operate the platform.

Operators who do not practice according to the platform operating instructions.

Operators who are unfamiliar and inexperienced with the equipment used to lift materials and loads.
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